I work with you on an individual, tailored basis to find best fit treatment options to your needs.


Angela is a 4-year Bachelor of Health Science degree  formally qualified Acupuncturist, which means you are offered safe and informed treatment sessions which goes beyond the very basic concepts of merely dry-needling myofascial tissue and trigger points, but embraces the full breadth of Traditional Chinese Medicine in Acupuncture as it was intended. Furthermore, Angela holds a post graduate Bachelor of Medicines Management with Professional Honours in Complementary Medicines to ensure further patient care where mixed medications may be involved in a client's case, or to provide targeted advice to clients on the maze of vitamins, supplements and probiotics which are out there. 

Applying the complex concepts of Chinese Medicine within our selection and use of acupuncture points may even integrate techniques such as tui na massage (An Mo Tui Na), cupping (Ba Guan), scraping (Gua Sha), moxibustion, laser, or recommendation of herbal formulas. Any acupuncture point activated upon a person's body should always be done so with very careful selection which considers your physical and emotional state, and with an appropriate technique - both of which shall be specific to your own individual needs. (Make sure you always choose a Degree qualified and AHPRA/Chinese Medicine Registration Board registered "Acupuncture" practitioner no matter who you decide to choose).

Chinese Medicine encompasses a variety of treatment methods, many of which complement each other within a therapeutic session. We shall select and discuss what is appropriate specifically to your needs. (Please note that the cost of any patent Chinese herbal formulas, vitamins, supplements or other complementary medicines required is additional to treatment session cost). 

Through her practice, Angela has taken particular interest in the treatment of difficult conditions, Depression, Anxiety, neurological disorders, Atrial Fibrillation, treatment of acute conditions, management of chronic conditions, fertility issues and provides stress/relaxation therapy. She also specialises in the provision of gentle acupuncture treatments for all patients and those who may be needle-shy. Laser therapy may also be an appropriate alternative for some. 

Angela's clientele include women, men,  young adults, teenagers, elderly, and some very delightful young toddlers. She enjoys assisting all with their unique issues ranging from acute injury or illness, through to chronic and complex issues and particularly mental health issues. She also has experience with several high profile clients locally resident or visiting to Brisbane and understands the importance of confidentiality in all matters. 

Angela looks forward to meeting you and is enthusiastic about assisting you, your friends or your family members for whatever you may be seeking treatment for.